MECOTEC Premium Electric Cryotherapy

The CRYO:One & CRYO:One+ offer world class whole-body cryotherapy.
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Choosing a MECTOTEC cryo chamber is choosing a freezing technology that sets the standard. Built in Germany by a company with over 20 years of experience, the cyro:one and cryo:one+ provides a whole-body cryotherapy session like no other.

Electrically-cooled, rather than relying on nitrogen provides a safer, more reliable and more comfortable approach to cryotherapy. Moving away from a nitrogen-cooled cryo option allows for a cheaper and truly whole-body cryotherapy experience.

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Air temperature
Pre-cooling time approx
Operating hours per day
Number of cycles/hour
Dimensions entire system (BxTxH)
Dimensions interior (BxTxH)
Total weight
Wind Chill
Drying mode
down to -87ºC -110 with wind chill
1200 x 1200 x 2050mm
1500 x 2150 x 2570mm
adjustable and automatic
down to -87ºC -110 with wind chill
1200 x 1850 x 2470mm

900 x 900 x 2050mm
adjustable and automatic


MECOTEC is the world leader in electric whole-body cryotherapy. Studies have shown that the more the body is cooled, the more the ANS and other healing/performance properties are activated within the body. Mecotec electric based cooling system allows head to toe coverage of the body and has been proven to have superior cooling effects to that of Liquid Nitrogen.

100% made in Germany

Development, research & production from one source

More than 20 years experience

Safer operation without Nitrogen

Number one selling unit worldwide

Innovative technologies

Over 1000 chambers sold since 1996

High efficiency and low operating costs


An alternative, localised CRYO machine.

Whether in sports, wellness or beauty, cold air is a modern method used in studios and in support of general wellness. It has been proven to support application in connection with cooling specific areas on the surface of the skin and contributes to muscle relaxation. Highly-efficient cold air devices from MECOTEC – for beauty, professional sports and in general wellness – are the perfect solution for local cold air.

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Advantages of Cryoair

In contrast to other cooling applications, you benefit in multiple ways with the cryoair cold air devices:

Higher cooling gradient without risk of freezing

Constant cooling for a longer period of time


The area of the body being treated remains accessible and movable

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