Trusted by professional sports teams, elite athletes, celebrities, and small businesses, Cryo Technology strives to be the front runners for industry standards in safety, equipment, and reliability on all products we offer.
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Electric Cryo

CRYO:One & CRYO:One+

MECOTEC is a leading manufacturer of electric whole-body cryotherapy solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, their cryo:one and cyro:one+ chambers support a body to regenerate, helping athletes achieve their goals—whether they're pros or amateurs. The cyro:one range can be used for recovery from training sessions and reducing pain in muscles while simultaneously relaxing them. Anyone who counts of performance should count on cyrotherapy.


Fully electric unit for whole body cryotherapy
1–2 clients per session
Compact footprint
True cryo temps of -87ºC
Fully electric, no liquid nitrogen
5–10 hours operation a day
Quick ~45–50 minute pre-cooling time
Low operating costs
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Hyperbaric Chambers

Premium Hyperbaric Chambers

HBOT chambers with focus on user accessibility, user interaction and experience. Our systems provide the most effective hyperbaric conditions for high pressure and pure oxygen delivery, with innovative design and comfortable interiors.


Double control system
Automatically controlled pressure system
Daily history recording
Overpressure software detection
Remotely checked and updated
Modular construction
Easy entry for those with limited mobility
5 independent safety mechanisms
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CRYONIQ Products

Technologically advanced cryotherapy  designed for effective, safe, and convenient cryotherapy application. CRYO XC ™, CRYO XC Plus, & CRYO LC.

The CRYO XCTM is a technologically advanced whole body cryotherapy chamber designed for effective, safe, and convenient cryotherapy application. The CRYO LC is an advanced localised cryotherapy device designed for effective, convenient, and safe targeted cryotherapy applications. The CRYONIQ products are used by people from all backgrounds, amateur and pro sportspersons, to sports organisations, beauty and recovery businesses, professionals such as physiotherapists and fitness specialists, regular folks and for exclusive home/private wellness.


Heating + Cryo Sessions
50° c to -150° c
4–8 l per session
flexible left/right orientation of the unit.
Safety relief vent
Active drying system
Thermal contrast cryotherapy
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Prime Light

Red light and near-infrared therapy

The Prime Light emits red and near-infrared energy that penetrates body tissues, boosting ATP energy production and circulation. This aids in minimizing the detrimental impact of oxidative stress, associated with inflammation, pain, and premature aging.

PBM helps:

Improve arthritis
Reduce nerve pain
Improve tendinopathies
Promote soft tissue healing
Improve nerve regeneration
Improve muscolskelatal pain
Lower sleep disturbances
Help improve join mobility
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TheraLight Range

TheraLight 360 product image

TheraLight 360


Many Light Bed companies claim they have the most powerful product on the market, but WE CAN PROVE IT for the TheraLight 360! No other Light Bed (aka Pod or Capsule) offers 10-minute sessions that deliver 60 joules. Utilising our patent-pending 360° variable irradiance, TheraLight delivers 100mW/cm2, across 4 pulsed or continuous wavelengths, for optimal depth penetration from 10–5,000Hz in 1Hz increments. Each of the four wavelengths' irradiance can be adjusted independently. An industry first.  TheraLight delivers a rapid and dose-dependent therapy session that produces outcomes not previously realised with competing technologies. This performance offers businesses the highest client volume & ROI per day with unparalleled results.
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5 year warranty
940nm, 850nm, 810nm, 635nm wavelengths
100MW/CM2 irradiance (fully adjustable)
Variable pulse 10–5000 HZ IN 1 HZ increments
10" wireless tablet external control
220cm L x 121cm W
281kg weight
220–240VAC 11A max 50/60Hz voltage
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TheraLight FIT product image

TheraLight FIT


Sleek, nimble and beautifully designed, the TheraLight FIT has been engineered to provide a more streamlined and affordable option for full-body light therapy systems. Designed with the same game-changing photobiomodulation technologies used to create the TheraLight 360, the TheraLight FIT offers a leaner, more compact alternative to its heavyweight sibling, while delivering extraordinary power and results at a fraction of the price.
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3 year warranty
940nm, 850nm 810nm 635nm wavelengths
80MW/CM2 irradiance (fully adjustable)
Variable pulse operational mode
10" wireless tablet external control
193cm Long  97cm Wide
100kg weight
220 - 240VAC 11Amax 50/60Hz voltage
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We found Eclipse Skin Technology Ltd to be very easy to work with in regards to updating our current laser (IPL) equipment and are really enjoying the new Eclipse Laser. We had previously been dealing with overseas companies,  and it has been a relief to know that help is only a call away, if required

Vicky Smith

Avana Dunedin

I have no hesitation in recommending Josh – Eclipse Skin Technology Ltd as we feel that he has lots of knowledge and is very passionate about what he does. Support is always there and we know it is only a phone call/email away and nothing is ever a problem.

Sarah Johnston
Blushes Beauty

With my wonderful clients and Eclipse support, I have had the most amazing successful month! Thank you, Josh and all at Eclipse Skin Technology.

Anne Eades
Verve Cosmedic

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Bringing you the latest technology from around the globe, we understand that for most the critical question regarding the purchase of a cryosauna is how to make your cryotherapy business successful and how to make the most of their cryosauna. If you have such inquiries, contact us and we will gladly provide you with our advice & expertise.
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