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What is the OXYLIFE I/80

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a procedure in which
we breathe concentrated oxygen inside a chamber with
increased atmospheric pressure to improve the natural
recovery powers of our body.

Under conditions of pressure (for example 1.5 ATA), lungs
can absorb more oxygen than breathing pure oxygen at
normal air pressure. The circulatory system carries oxygen
throughout the body to help fight bacteria and help the
body to increase the oxygen supply deep into the cells.

The smart monoplace chambers is available in 80 diameter sizes to significantly reduce the incidence of noncompliance because of claustrophobia.


Double control system
Emergency button for fast pressure relief.
Independent safety mechanism
Daily history recordings of number of sessions.
Overpressure software detection.
Latest barometric stabilization system.
High quality tubing systems from SMC
Touchscreen, user-friendly interface
OXYLIFE I/80 Specifications
Interior dimensions
Ø 80 x 255 L cm
Exterior dimensions
W max. = 230; H max. = 95; D max. = 85 cm
1150 Litres
OXYLIFE I/90 Specifications
Interior dimensions
Ø 90 x 255 L cm
Exterior dimensions
W max. = 230; H max. = 105; D max. = 95 cm
1450 Litres

C-Series Chambers

What are the OXYHELP C2, C3 and C4?

The OxyLife C Multiplace chamber is ideal for multiple users at the same time or for only one VIP with more space and extra comfort for being able to do workout, doing business at a desk
or relax for example on a recliner sofa.

The Multiplace chambers (3 different sizes available: 2, 3 or 4 modules) can also fit cardio equipment like a stationary bike, water rowers or can be fitted with 2 , 4 or 5 seats for users
to enjoy collective sessions. Enjoy our entertainment package with LG SMART TVs or OCULUS Virtual Reality and transform your daily HBOT Session in a theatrical experience with the home comfort.


Modular construction
Optional entertainment package
Double control system
Cardio equipment,
Flexible seals, gaskets and sealing materials
Easy entry
Collective sessions, with or without an operator;
5 Safety mechanisms
OXYHELP C2 Specifications
Ø 192,4 × 213,2 cm
450 kg
OXYHELP C3 Specifications
Ø 192,4 × 289,2 cm
615 kg
OXYHELP C4 Specifications
Ø 192,4 × 365,2 cm
780 kg

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Our bodies depend on oxygen for survival. A lack of oxygen can weaken and damage tissue, cause premature aging, cause hair to thin and even affect the memory. When we age, our cells are starved of nutrients, but supplying oxygen to our cells can provide health, energy and vitality.

New blood vessel growth

Reviving tired skin

Improving brain function

Collagen production

Anti-aging effect

Speeds up the recovery process


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